The GPDC operates through six different divisions, all of which contribute to our mission of defending indigent Georgians accused of crimes.

Central Office

Our central office is the administrative arm of GPDC. It provides executive leadership to the circuit public defender offices, including communications and human resources.
The mission of GPDC’s central office is to ensure that Georgia’s indigent defense team has the guidance and support necessary to provide effective and zealous client representation. Our core values are:
  • Stewarding public funds
  • Empowering the public defense team to pursue justice
  • Recognizing our key role making vigorous advocacy possible
  • Valuing each client
  • Investing in our employees
  • Creatively solving problems
  • Exceeding expectations

Appellate Division

The appellate division provides appellate representation to indigent clients via:

  1. The Office of the Appellate Defender, and
  2. Appointment of contracted private attorneys
The Office of the Appellate Defender is one of three units in the public defense system that handles cases across Georgia. It’s also the only public defender unit dedicated to representing clients before the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals of Georgia.
In addition to representing clients, the Office of the Appellate Defender continuously improves indigent defense in Georgia by:
  • Tracking and reporting on legal issues that are important to public defender clients across Georgia
  • Responding to public defenders’ legal research needs with expertise
  • Consulting with public defenders and contract counsel on the litigation of legal issues at trial and their preservation for later appeals
  • Assisting public defenders and contract counsel with all aspects of appellate litigation, from strategic planning to brief-writing and oral argument
  • Offering superior online research materials, including a curated bank of appellate briefs
  • Petitioning for writs of certiorari or appearing as a friend of the court, where appropriate
  • Delivering, in coordination of the Georgia Public Defender Council’s Training Division, professional development programs on appellate practice and procedure, as well as on developments in the law

Circuit Offices

Public defenders are assigned based on the county where an alleged offense occurred. At present, there are 44 different public defender offices across Georgia. Please use our search tool to find your local public defender office.

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