Specialized Unit – Provisional Attorneys (Grant-funded)

Salary: Starting at $60,000
Location: Central Office (Atlanta)
Duration: Funding is provided for two years after the hire date
Grant Funded: This position is funded through the State of Georgia; funding is apportioned for at least two years of employment after a candidate’s hire date.

The Georgia Public Defender Corps is looking to hire recent graduates under Provisional licenses to provide presentation to clients under the supervision of the Managing Attorneys. The applicants would be employed by Georgia Public Defender Council working in the Specialized Unit. Once licensed, Corps members will be offered employment with GPDC as an Assistant Public Defender.

Corps members will receive hands-on training in representing clients charged with criminal offenses in the State of Georgia and represent clients in the stages of the case and will act as the second chair in trials in cases tried by the Offices to which they are assigned.

Corps members will be State of Georgia full-time employees and receive the same benefits as GPDC employees. As employees of GPDC, Corps members will be eligible for participation in any programs offered to give credit against Student Loan debt afforded under those programs for public employment.

Applicants should submit a cover letter and resume to the GPDC-Jobs@gapubdef.org. Make sure to include in the subject of your email “GPDC Corps“.

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