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Your membership includes access to MyGideon, NAPD's Library of Public Defense. Though MyGideon is supported by another online platform, you can access MyGideon without signing in again or needing separate credentials, by clicking the MyGideon link immediately below the Welcome Message tab under "My Info" when you are on the profile page, or from the MyGideon link in the main navigation bar at the top of every page. Because the resources on MyGideon are sensitive, you must be logged into NAPD in order to access MyGideon from this site. There are thousands of pages of resources on MyGideon, and more are added every day. Webinars are free to you as an employee of GPDC. If you do not have your NAPD user ID and password, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


New NACDL Website and Free Training Opportunities for Criminal Legal System Stakeholders  

NACDL, in partnership with the Association of Prosecuting Attorneys, National Center for State Courts, and RTI International, is excited to announce the launch of a new website: As part of NACDL’s ongoing work under the Justice for All: Strengthening the Sixth Amendment grant, this website offers a wealth of resources and materials regarding core 6th Amendment principles including:

  • Speedy and public trials
  • Representative and impartial juries
  • Access to witnesses and evidence
  • Access to counsel
  • Meaningful and zealous representation

In addition to the website, the grant provides training, system evaluations, best practice guidance, and other services to help criminal legal stakeholders strengthen and support 6th Amendment protections in their communities. Individuals and stakeholder organizations (including public defenders, assigned counsel, prosecutors, judges, court administrators, and community organizations) are encouraged to apply for grant assistance. To learn more about the grant opportunities, visit the project website.

NACDL’s Public Defense team is available to consult with prospective applicants in formulating Sixth Amendment training opportunities which can range from singular webinars to in-depth system assessments. Additional questions about the grant can also be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


NACDL Scholarship Program available to Public Defenders

The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) has announced a new program of scholarship assistance for indigent defense providers. The scholarships will be awarded in the form of full or partial reimbursement of the registration costs for the training programs offered by NACDL and other national organizations. Limited travel reimbursement stipends may also be awarded to qualifying individuals to help defray the costs of travel and lodging.

More information about the scholarships, including detailed eligibility criteria, is available on the application forms. The scholarship application for NACDL training programs is available here ( The Multi-Organizational Indigent Defense Training Scholarship Application is available here ( Answers to FAQs are available here (

Application Deadlines: Scholarship applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, with review of applications for a particular program beginning approximately three months prior to the start date of the program. Although there is no formal application deadline, applications should be submitted at least six weeks prior to the start date of a program for the best chance of receiving travel awards.

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