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Enotah Image 1Enotah Circuit Resource Court

Judge: Murphy C. Miller

Coordinator: Julie Puckett

Telephone: (678) 793-6116

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





The EMHC (started January 2012) is open to adults who are charged with crimes (misdemeanors and felonies) in the Enotah Judicial Circuit, which is comprised of Lumpkin, Towns, Union, and White counties. Referrals come from defense attorneys, probation officers, family members, or jail staff. The participants must meet the criteria for severe and persistent mental illness. The court's focus is to meet the needs of the participants by ensuring their participants comply with counseling, treatment, and medication while holding participants accountable by instilling curfews, conducting field surveillance and administering drug screens.

The court is post adjudication and lasts 12 months for misdemeanor charges and a minimum of 18 months for felony charges. Participants go through individual and group counseling, substance abuse treatment (if applicable), random drug screens, and curfew restrictions. As they phase up in the program, the requirements lessen. The court meets the first and third Wednesday, Thursday, and friday of every month. Therapy and treatment are provided by Avita Community Partners and Cornerstone Counseling Center.

Enotah Image 2Officer Chris Binion (pictured to the right) is the member of the Enotah Mental Health Court (EMHC) from the State Probaion Office. He is responsible for surveilling the participants in the community. He is greatly respected by the participants, who look up to him, as well. Officer Binion goes above and beyond for the EMHC and its participants.