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Cobb Image 2Cobb County Mental Health Court

Judge: Mary E. Staley

Coordinator: Adrienne Bowen

Telephone: (770) 528-8106

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Mental health court is a voluntary alternative to incarceration. In Cobb County, participants have to be in the program for at least 24 months and in group or individual therapy. The goal of the Cobb County Mental Health Court is to provide individuals access to resources and a structured and accountable mechanism to seek treatment and service to reduce the likelihood that they will commit a future criminal act. The court meets weekly. Court staff give random drug tests at least twice a week, and participants are required to meet weekly treatment and case plan goals, which include group and individual therapy, meeting with the case manager, and medication compliance. The program also helps people find jobs and housing. In fact, the court team includes a workforce development specialist from Cobb Works. The program is funded in part by state grants, and it is part of Georgia's ongoing criminal justice reform started by Govenor Nathan Deal.

Cobb Image 3The Cobb County Mental Health Court has an application to refer a potential applicant. The application is available on the MHC website and is to be completed by the individual's defense attorney.


Cobb image 1The Mental Health Court consists of four phases that the participants must complete in order to graduate from the program. There is a significant focus on those with a dual diagnosis of mental health and substance abuse. An addictionologist is on the treatment team to help address those with drug abuse problems.