Providing zealous, effective, ethical representation

to indigent people accused of crimes.





Circuit Public Defender - Eastern Judicial Circuit

State Level Position

Location: Eastern Judicial Circuit

Salary: $105,526

Deadline: August 9, 2019 

Job Description, Responsibilities, and Qualifications:

The Eastern Circuit Public Defender Supervisory Committee is accepting résumés for the position of Circuit Public Defender.

The Eastern Circuit Public Defender's Office provides representation to indigent persons who are charged with crimes in Chatham County.

State salary is $105,526 annually, not including any potential county-paid supplement.

Job Description, Responsibilities, & Qualifications

Job Description: Serves as the Circuit office head, reports to the Executive Director of the Georgia Public Defender Council. The Circuit Public Defender will make key decisions regarding the management of the Circuit, its budget, its staff, and its cases.

Job Responsibilities (include but are not limited to): Supervising and managing budgets and multiple offices. Supervising and mentoring Assistant Public Defenders, investigators, paraprofessionals, clerical assistants, and independent contractors. Establishing a method for identifying conflicts of interest at the earliest possible opportunity.

Performance Standards:

Appropriate use of state and local funds Proper management of state and local budgets Accurate reports of caseload by type, including conflict cases Accurate reports of state and local budgets and expenditures Ethical, zealous, individualized representation of each client entitled to the services of the Circuit Public Defender Office

Minimum Qualifications: Under OCGA § 17-12-21, to be eligible to fill the position of circuit public defender, a person must:

Have attained the age of 25 years; Have been duly admitted and licensed to practice law in the superior courts for at least three years; Be a member in good standing of the State Bar of Georgia; and If previously disbarred from the practice of law, have been reinstated as provided by law.

Preferred Qualifications: Candidates for the position of circuit public defender should possess:

A strong, demonstrable interest in the effective defense of indigent people accused of crimes; Sufficient experience in the defense of criminal cases (or equivalent trial experience) to permit the candidate to evaluate the qualifications of the Assistant Public Defenders employed in the Circuit and to train or assist in the training of less-experienced public defenders; Experience as lead counsel in the defense of a person accused of a crime in at least ten felony cases tried to completion before a jury, at least two of which involved potential sentences of life in prison; Leadership skills and the ability to oversee the management of a Circuit Public Defender office and insure that policies implemented by GPDC are consistently met or exceeded throughout the circuit; and The ability to establish and maintain sound fiscal policy and practice, supervise attorneys and other staff, communicate well with other participants in the criminal justice system, as well as with local government representatives.

Interested applicants should submit a State of Georgia Sensitive Employment Application, résumé, and cover letter to:

Eastern Circuit Supervisory Panel Chair

c/o GPDC

104 Marietta Street NW Suite 400

Atlanta, GA 30303

Or by email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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