Providing zealous, effective, ethical representation

to indigent people accused of crimes.





The State Level Services Office of the Georgia Public Defender Council (GPDC) is charged primarily with ensuring the provision of legal services to qualified indigent persons facing pending  accusations of criminal behavior in the Superior,  Juvenile, and Appellate Courts of Georgia in instances where the local Circuit Public Defender Office is unable to provide legal representation.

The office delivers representation at the trial level in the Superior and Juvenile Courts through attorneys and support staff serving in offices in several locations throughout the state along with through the use of attorneys in private practice  who contract to represent assigned clients.  At the appellate level, the office relies on its Appellate Division to provide representation in post-conviction matters.  In addition, the State Level Services Office is responsible for the supervision of two of the six Capital Defender Offices in the state.   Finally, the office is charged with overseeing any additional offices which may be created by GPDC through contract with local governing authorities.

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