Providing zealous, effective, ethical representation

to indigent people accused of crimes.





The Georgia Capital Defender is a division of the Georgia Public Defender Council and is charged with providing defense to all indigent defendants facing the death penalty.

The Capital Defender maintains six offices: two in Atlanta, including the main Georgia Capital Defender office and the Metro Capital Defender, as well as regional offices in Athens, Brunswick, Macon, and Tifton. These regional offices handle capital cases for their geographic region and capital conflict representation for nearby regions. Each office has one or more capital defense teams specially trained for the complexities of capital litigation. Each team consists of two death penalty qualified lawyers, a trained mitigation specialist, and a fact investigator. 

For further information, contact:

Becky Kincaid, Office Administrator
Georgia Capital Defender
104 Marietta Street NW, Suite 600
Atlanta, GA 30303

Direct Dial: (404) 739-5176