Providing zealous, effective, ethical representation

to indigent people accused of crimes.





The Appellate Division of GPDC provides direct representation to clients on appeal when the Circuit Public Defenders have a conflict.  This representation is carried out by our 12 staff attorneys located across the state as well as over 40 private attorneys under contract.  Additionally the Division has primary responsibility for appellate litigation, both adult and juvenile, and legal research throughout the state. We assist public defenders and conflict defenders in our circuits with all stages of litigation–from case planning to research to brief-writing– and serve as a reference source for defense counsel with substantive or procedural questions.

We do not offer any representation in civil, habeas corpus, or federal cases.


  • To provide quality legal advocacy for indigent clients; to better identify the research needs of public defenders and to respond with superior resources; and to maximize the possibility of successful appellate litigation by planning for and steering appellate advocacy in a statewide system. In order to realize these goals, the Division works diligently to:
  • Provide direct representation where a conflict with the Circuit Public Defender Office has been established.
  • Offer consultation with both trial and appellate counsel in Circuit Public Defender Offices and for conflict defenders.
  • Assist circuit public defender offices and conflict defenders with direct appeals, from case-planning to brief-writing.
  • Track important appellate cases and issues statewide.
  • Provide superior online research resources, including a brief bank.
  • Direct and coordinate appellate litigation by filing cert petitions and amicus briefs where appropriate.
  • Assist the Training Division by co-sponsoring seminars on appellate practice and procedure and developments in the appellate courts.


If you are interested in becoming a contract attorney with the Appellate Division, learn more about application requirements at this link.

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